Alexander McQueen 2001 Voss Seashells Dresses

One of the constants in the late McQueen’s career was his references to natural elements. Water and sealives are the two inspirations in particular that the designer revisited times after times.
In Voss, there were 3 ensembles with garments crafted out of seashells– the most famous of which is the Razor Clam Dress.

The creation of this dress was rather accidental. One day, while walking on the beach, McQueen noticed the abundance of clam shells on the shore. At that moment, he decided he had to create something with them.
Commenting on the garment, McQueen said, “The shells had outlived their usefulness on the beach, so we put them to another use on a dress.”
And to complete the cycle of usefulness- uselessness, McQueen had the model destroying the dress right on the runway. Ashes to ashes. Dust to dust. The clams once again return to the ground after fulfilling their purpose.