Jacquemus-- A/W 2019 Le Petit Chiquito

The Jacquemus “Le Petit Chiquito” is one of the more controversial and dividing accessories in recent fashion. The not-bag bag, while hated by many, is acclaimed as an unconventional, rebellious item. The conservative idea of a bag is that it should be able to carry something. A bag is to be defined by its functionality. This idea is expressed mostly through the volume, as seen in from the Birkin, to the luggage bag, to the everyday tote. Le Petit Chiquito is special because it challenges this idea.

With a long strap and dimensions of only 5.3cm x 4.3cm x 1.5cm, the tiny bag acts more like a necklace. While it cannot functionally carry any meaningful item, the bag still is a conversation-starting, unique accessory. Inspired by the idea behind Le Petit Chiquito, other fashion houses started to have their own version of the tiny bag, such as Area’s Folding-chair “bag”.